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Rated 5/5 based on 4 customer reviews
"Broke my kneecap due to a fall, and after a few weeks I started therapy at Active Fitness. Everyone is so nice and helpful, and the exercises & therapy I am getting is strengthening my knee. They give you exercises to do at home to help you improve faster. Highly recommend! "
Sep 03, 2023
"My time at Therapy was wonderful. Caleb O’Neal is an excellent therapist. The therapy has helped me greatly. Active Fitness/Therapy is an excellent place to go for help. Staff is very friendly! I highly recommend!"
Nov 15, 2022
"I have never had physical therapy this good! The first day I was scheduled, I got unbelievable relief from the Needling, which I had never heard of. The muscles in my shoulder and back relaxed immediately and I felt my whole body relax because of it! Between the needling, massage and personal guidance with exercise, I have gotten relief from pain that I thought would never go away. My old knee injury was also treated which gave my hip relief, too. My personal Physical Therapist worked on referred pain, too. I am very, very happy with my care at Active Fitness!"
Oct 19, 2022
"Having the MSK Ultrasound on my shoulder saved me from having neck surgery. They were able to see what was really causing my pain and help me in physical therapy so I am now pain free! The PTs worked on me and with me individually every time I was there and I am now doing my home exercises and staying pain free. I highly recommend Active Physical Therapy!"
Sep 12, 2022

I came for physical therapy because I was having pain in my hip. Sitting for any length of time caused pain and walking was also painful. Many nights, I could not sleep because it hurt so much.

I felt some relief after my first visit. The exercises were helpful as was the manipulation techniques. I received deep needling which was painless and seemed to help right away.

As I continued with the exercises, I felt less and less pain until it finally went away completely. I no longer have trouble sitting, walking or sleeping.

The therapist and all other employees were very professional and friendly.

I was discharged with instructions to continue the exercises for four more weeks. I am very pleased with my experience at Active Recovery Physical Therapy and Active Fitness Center and have already recommended them to someone.

Rebecca C.

When I first came to therapy I couldn’t turn my head from one side to the other. Now, after therapy I can move my head freely. I am using the strengthening exercises at home that were given to me and I am progressing. Before PT and dry needling I was so stiff and tense, but after, the stiffness is much better. Therapy here at Active has tremendously helped me. Everyone I worked with was professional and really knew what they were doing. Thanks to everyone!

Kelly A.

Before I could not lift arm above shoulder or lift any weight. Now, I ca do all that and more. I had a very good experience with physical therapy. No pain, no limits with motion or lifting now.

Donald H.

I limped into PT—That is what brought me here, plus I was having a lot of pain my right leg. Walking up steps was a challenge, walking any distance took a lot of time, and I could hardly catch my breath. Once I came to PT, I was given tools to help me gain strength. I felt confident in the care I was getting because the therapists listened to my concerns and tailored a plan to meet my specific needs. After completing therapy, I can see and feel a huge difference, plus I now see the need for continued exercise. I have joined Silver Sneakers and I bought gym clothes-- that is a huge deal. Thank you for all your hard work, I appreciate you guys. I no longer limp, and leg pain is gone!

Deborah B.

When I first came in, I was having trouble sleeping because of pain and numbness in my shoulder down to my fingertips. With hair care, makeup application, and a few overhead activities the pain was worse and there was a catching in my joint. Lesley and Tina helped a great deal as they did soft tissue, stretching, dry needling, and taping. The exercises assigned to do at home were well explained and manageable. These also helped to strengthen and improve mobility and reduce my pain. I really appreciate the care and friendliness I received. If I ever need physical therapy again, I will come back to Active.

Cynthia P.

I fell when I slipped on a gravel driveway, went to the E.R, and was diagnosed with a left knee sprain with an injured meniscus. I was unable to bear weight on that leg. First, I was on crutches, then a walker, later a cane--which all cramped my style. I enjoyed walking daily but that came to an end when I fell.My husband had to take over all household duties as well. Since receiving therapy I can do it all without difficulty thanks to the staff at Active PT. I will be forever grateful for them literally getting me back on my feet.


Everyone at Active PT was great and helpful. I couldn’t go upstairs, and I could barely even walk. My hips and knee hurt so bad. Now, I can do all these things, I am like a new person! Thanks to the wonderful people who worked with me.

Bonnie S.

My experience here was amazing! Before I came, I was unable to sit or stand up. I was always in pain and could never move the way I wanted. Doing these exercises and activities allowed me to not only move again, but to move more than I did before! I am grateful for all the many people here who helped me get back on my feet. Thank you!

Audrey T.

Came to Active Recovery with severe neck and leg pain. I could hardly walk or turn my neck. Now, I can walk and turn my neck without pain. For a minute I thought I might never walk without pain again. The staff was very nice and professional. I thank Active recovery for giving back my life. Thank you.

Andre P.