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Fit-Trac is a free, complimentary service offered to all members for the life of their membership. Fit-Trac is about helping each member achieve their fitness related goals by insuring they always have an individually tailored workout program that they understand, can follow and journalize.

The Fit-Trac program consists of a consultation whereby a trainer evaluates the member’s individual fitness goals, times per week they can commit to working out and how much time they can commit to each workout. The trainer then writes a customized training program and sets them up with their Fit-Trac Program Card. The trainer then walks through each exercise and piece of equipment on their new program ensuring proper set up and use of the equipment. The consult should last about one hour. The goal that will be achieved at the end of the consult is that the member has a basic workout plan with a clear concise understanding of what to do and when and how to do it.

Lifestyles Be Lean, Be Fit Weight Loss & Fitness Program (Additional fees apply)

Exercise Physiologist & Registered Dietician services

We offer individual consultations with an Exercise Physiologist or Registered Dietician for your Health and Nutrition needs.

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